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muv•u is a proven innovative and unique mobile-based consumer loyalty rewards and merchant revenue generation platform that is available free to consumers so they can earn and redeem points on-site at hundreds of merchants via a powerful mobile application.

  • muv•u is a unique loyalty/affinity platform that generates new revenue streams where none previously existed
  • muv•u offers a unique mobile app that allows consumers to earn and redeem points from any merchant member on the platform’s network – which is free to consumers
  • muv•u earns revenues from merchant subscription contracts as well as transactional fees on all points awarded and redeemed
  • muv•u rewards merchant members with new customers and the ability to push special promotions/deals via the mobile app and web portal to drive additional sales
  • muv•u rewards consumers by providing savings with merchants and services that they already frequent, while opening up new savings opportunities with a broad network of merchant members – all with proprietary deals on the platform
  • muv•u has proof of performance at locations across Canada and in the U.S., with new consumers and merchants joining the platform every day


generate revenues where none previously existed

muv•u is the only mobile affinity/sponsorship platform that puts your organization directly in front of consumers and merchants to deliver an untapped source of revenue where none previously existed. It’s a no risk proposition that promotes your brand via our powerful mobile platform to deliver new revenue streams with invaluable data and analytics.

How muv•u can help you generate new revenue streams:

  • muv•u rebrands our powerful mobile platform and back-end under an affinity partner’s brand to provide a seamless new business proposition
  • muv•u engages the affinity partner’s established fans/users/members/customers to form an initial consumer base to launch the platform
  • muv•u recruits affiliate merchants who subcribe to participate on the platform
  • muv•u provides participating merchants with marketing materials to engage existing and new customers to download the free app and build the affinity partner’s network
  • muv•u shares a percentage of total revenues with affinity partners, providing them with a new source of revenue

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increase business and profits

Increase your base of loyal customers and increase business with muv•u. Our innovative loyalty rewards and affinity program lets customers earn and redeem points on the spot at your location by simply downloading a free app and executing transactions using their smartphones. And muv•u provides merchants with a powerful back-end platform to track sales activities, account balances and consumer buying trends in real-time. It’s fast, easy and a great way to drive new and existing customers to your business location more frequently.

If you are a merchant with locations in Iowa or anywhere across Canada, you can start winning today with muv•u. Watch for new activation regions!


shopping has never been so REWARDING

The muv•u rewards platform provides consumers with exclusive deals and savings on every day purchases … at the corner coffee shop or the dry cleaner, for cleaning services and when purchasing tires for your car! Plus you’ll get great savings and unique offers on a wide assortment of merchandise, restaurants, sporting events, travel and entertainment. muv•u helps you save and earn points everywhere you spend money on everyday items in your local community and beyond.

And it’s FREE!
There are no obligations.
No commitments.

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